Why I Don’t Love Once Upon A Time-Does-Frozen

Like any self-respecting Disney fan I have loved the first 3 seasons of Once Upon a Time, and when it released on UK Netflix along with the brand new episodes from season 4 it was a very exciting moment! I don’t want to give any spoilers away for anyone who hasn’t caught up yet, so I have to be careful what I say, but I just love the whole concept of having classic fairytale characters with twists and back stories you wouldn’t expect.

OnceUponATime Frozen

This brings me onto season 4, and the arrival of the “Frozen” franchise. I love Frozen too (of course) and was pretty excited by the Elsa teaser at the end of season 3. But now that I’ve watched the episodes I’m very disappointed!

I was hoping for the standard “Once Upon a Time” treatment, where their characters and back stories are quite different to what you know about them. Instead the Frozen characters are EXACTLY the same as in the film. For a start, the costumes are taken straight out of the film and they look totally out of place next to every other character. Then there’s the fact that there are no hidden depths to these characters. They are very literal and there’s nothing new to learn about them in OUAT. There are even direct quotes and movie references! It’s all so cheesy and feels like the series has sold out!

Of course Once Upon a Time is always going to be a little bit cheesy, but the beauty of it is that it’s also often quite surprising with the Disney references and what they do with the characters. Doing something as literal as they have with Frozen is just plain boring! The only good thing I can say about it is that the casting of Elsa and Anna was great, but personally I’m glad it was all rounded up by mid-season and I hope that’s the last I see of OUAT-does-Frozen!

Once Upon a Time Frozen poster

What did you think? Did you love seeing Frozen in OUAT or were you disappointed too?

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