The Blogger Made Me Do It

I’m sharing some blog love today, because today’s post is dedicated to a few bloggers and Instagram accounts whose posts have recently inspired me to spend money or try something out!

  • My most recent purchase was these classic sandals from GAP, which I obsessed over a little bit as soon as I saw them on Manchester blogger Hayleigh’s Instagram account @hayleighjm – it can’t have been more than a week until I decided to actually go out and get a pair for myself. I never shop in GAP so I’d never have discovered them otherwise.
Classic leather sandals
  • This baked oats recipe from sounded like it would be the best breakfast ever, and it didn’t disappoint! It was like eating warm fruit crumble dessert for breakfast and it’s actually fairly guilt free, like all of her #indulginginnocently recipes. I can highly recommend giving it a go, maybe at weekend when you have extra time for making tasty breakfasts.
baked oats recipe

Image from SpamellaB

  • @Disneyfind has become the Instagram account where I screengrab almost every post because they share something that I have to add to my wishlist. I could list the items I have bought/will be buying, but it would be a long list!
  • I recently bought myself quite a few lovely Flamingo candles, and I can definitely blame bloggers for that (although I don’t know which ones as everyone is loving Flamingo candles at the moment!) It probably has something to do with following the Instagram accounts of @flamingocandles and @flamingogifts too (check their accounts out if you love a good candle photo).
Flamingo Candle
  • I must have a thing for breakfast inspiration posts, because here’s another! Megan’s healthy breakfasts post has been saved, tried and tested a few times, and my favourite is the chocolate peanut butter porridge.
  • I don’t usually need to read reviews to decide what to buy in Lush, but it’s fair to say I would never have discovered No Drought dry shampoo without seeing this post from Becky Bedbug. At the time I was happily using Bastiste for all my dry shampoo needs, and now I’ll never go back!
Lush No Drought

Which blog posts have inspired you to spend money or try something new?

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