Dine Around the Dome

This amazing dining event was designed to showcase the variety of great restaurants that Intu Trafford Centre has to offer, and it certainly did that! A few lovely local bloggers attended Dine around the Dome and we experienced a 5 course dinner with each course served in a different Trafford Centre restaurant. The restaurants were all located around the Dome, as you’d expect given the name, but also featured cuisines from different places around the world. This post is likely to be full of yummy photos (sorry if you’re reading this whilst hungry!), and I’ll also give a little review the dishes we tried.

Dine around the Dome

Stop 1, France: Café Rouge

It was quite a brief first stop at Café Rouge to try their Ceviche de Saumon – salmon cured in lime and marinated in chilli and onion. It was a fresh and zingy starter dish and I love that Café Rouge likes to suggest the perfect partner wines for their dishes – in this case a Saint Etalon Sauvignon Blanc.

Cafe Rouge Ceviche de Saumon

Stop 2, Italy: Carluccio’s

Alongside a selection of cured meats, focaccia and Caponata (a chilled aubergine stew for dipping) we were served the most delicious Pepolata Arancini (rice balls) which I thoroughly enjoyed. I may have eaten a fair few of those, accompanied by a glass of classic Aperol Spritz.

Carluccio's Arancini

Stop 3, South America: Las Iguanas

This restaurant has a great location by the entrance to “The Dome” and fab South American vibe, so I imagine it’s a particularly popular one! We enjoyed Empanadas (brie and mango pasties), flame-grilled skewers, a mango, pecan and avocado salad, plus nibbles. All very tasty, and washed down with the most amazing Mango Collins – a cocktail made from Mango vodka, triple sec, fruit juices and lemonade. Definitely one to try!

Las Iguanas - Mango pecan salad
Las Iguanas - chicken skewers

Stop 4, Far East: Wokooshii

Wokooshii was the standout restaurant of the night for me. We were given a really warm welcome, and as you can see below, some seriously amazing food. And what I really love is that Wokooshii is a genuine family restaurant rather than part of a chain like many of the others in the centre. It was a lovely dining experience and I plan to go back soon! Here’s what we ate:

Beef Bulgoni – sizzling tender marinated beef with onion and leek served rolled up in a crunchy lettuce leaf. Apparently a brand new dish for Wokooshii and one I’d recommend!

Salmon Teppanyaki – What else can I say, other than this was delicious!

Chicken Bibimbap – a signature Korean dish with rice, chicken and vegetables and served with a fried egg on the top, which our waiter then mixed into the dish at the table. Aside from being theatrical, which is always a plus point, this was a delicious dish too!

We also enjoyed sake, Japanese black lager, and also sparkling sake, which was an actual treat!

Wokooshii Trafford Centre
Wokooshii Salmon Teppanyaki
Chickin Bibimbap - before mixing
Chickin Bibimbap - the mixing

Stop 5: The Captain’s Table for dessert roulette!

Dessert was slightly different as it was hosted at The Captain’s Table. For anyone who knows the Trafford Centre this is a cabin at the top of the giant ship that forms the centrepiece of the Dome – so it was dessert with a view! And on offer were a selection of desserts from various different restaurants. We were randomly allocated a number which corresponded with a dessert on the table and I was “paired” with these waffles with fried bananas, ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was an indulgent treat, but quite a challenge after five previous courses!

Banana waffles

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I never really think of the Trafford Centre as an evening destination, which is a shame as I’ve really been missing out! Now that I’ve seen the lively atmosphere of the Dome at night I’m definitely up for going more regularly for a meal and drinks. And Wokooshii is definitely on my list of restaurants to return to!

Trafford Centre dining

Photo Credit (all images in this post): Jason Lock

All food and drink featured in this post was complimentary as part of the Dine around the Dome event.


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