Summer Lovin’

The weather may be changeable, but summer is definitely here and I am loving that fact! Here are 10 things I love about summer, just to get you in the mood…

Summer collage

1. The smell of sun cream, which brings back memories of holidays past and gets me all excited for those to come!

2. Stylish sandals. I love how the right pair of sandals can make an outfit look super stylish yet totally effortless. And I love that flats are pretty much the most fashionable thing to wear right now (comfort = woohoo!)

3. Beach hair. Serena van der Woodsen’s shaggy golden locks look their most sensational during summer months, and I spend the whole season trying to recreate this look (but mostly failing).

4. Ice cream. Well of course you can eat ice cream all year round, but there’s really nothing like ice cream in a cone on a sunny day by the seaside. Yum!

5. Sunglasses. Sometimes it’s just too early in the day to have your eyes visible. And at least during the summer it’s completely acceptable to wear sunglasses the whole time!

6. Holiday reads. I feel like I’m mostly over cheesy chick lit and am branching out into all sorts of different books. The only exception is when I’m on holiday and I completely indulge myself in my favourite girly reads.

7. Outdoor dining. We even do this in Manchester when the weather allows! There’s nothing like enjoying drinks and some food on a restaurant terrace for getting some serious holiday feelings!

8. BBQs. The smell, the flavours, the opportunity to melt marshmallows… The relaxed atmosphere of a BBQ is actual summer perfection!

9. No coats! I’m not a coat-hater or anything, but I love not having to think about that extra layer for several months. Who cares if all I have is a cardi?! What’s the worst that can happen?

And finally…

10. Bake Off is back! I don’t even think I need to explain myself there.

Happy summertime!

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