Whatcha Doin?

I feel like I’ve not had much time for blogging lately, yet when I think about what I’ve been busy doing there’s actually nothing that much to report – it’s all bits and pieces! Anyway, let’s catch up! Here’s a snapshot of my life at this very moment…

What I’m listening to…

  • Ever since I went to see Inside Out at the cinema I’ve been obsessed with the song from Lava – the short that comes before the main film. It’s the cutest thing ever and I cannot get the tune out of my head!
  • Whitney Houston and some of her most epic ballads.
  • The soundtrack from Catch Me if You Can (the musical), which has some cracking songs in it.
Pixar short LAVA

What I’m watching…

  • The Great British Bake Off – well, just because!
  • I’ve recently been watching the series Orphan Black on Netflix. I had no idea what to expect but it’s pretty gripping, and exactly my sort of thing.
  • The US Office – This is my new happy place. I would watch episodes every night if I had the time.
Great British Bake Off

What I’m doing when I’m on my iPhone…

  • Well, of course the obvious stuff like checking emails, messages and social media.
  • But I’m also playing Clash of Clans quite a lot! I’m addicted if you must know.
  • And I’m constantly checking the weather. I don’t know where I am in life if I don’t know the day’s forecast!

What I’m eating…

Some sad news – our fridge freezer has died! And as we haven’t replaced it yet we are a bit stuck for what to eat. We can’t store milk for cereal or meat, so we’re thinking outside the box.

  • Porridge with almond milk (which I bought in small cartons so that I don’t need to refrigerate), honey and dates.
  • My new favourite thing is courgetti, which I flash fry with garlic and coconut oil and is very tasty with many things!
  • Corned beef hash – yes, even though it’s summer!
Porridge with dates

The other things I’ve been doing…

  • Holiday planning for our cruise in September – very exciting!
  • Crying over the broken freezer.
  • And hunting down some decent shapewear – which is not as easy as it sounds!

Let me know what you’ve been up to too!

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