Ole Henriksen Empower Foaming Cleanser

This January I have been giving a new cleanser a whirl. Not because I’m unhappy with my go-to favourites from Tropic Skincare and Lush, but just for a change and because I love the brand Ole Henriksen and have always enjoyed their products in the past.

Empower foaming milk cleanser is created with arctic cloudberry (full of antioxidants to protect the skin); nordic cotton for nourishment and hydration; and willow bark extract to gently smooth the skin, and it’s great to see that it is free of parabens. It’s different to the other cleansers I have been using lately because it is thinner (like milk) and you do not use a cloth to remove it. You simply massage into a lather onto damp skin and rinse off with warm water.

Ole Henriksen cleanser

I really love how gentle this cleanser is. It feels very skin-kind, not drying or tightening, and is generally very pleasant to use. It also has the most gorgeous scent! – It’s fresh, unique and smells a little of berries! I’ve been using it at the start of the day and also the end, and it does a great job of removing any traces of makeup. I do have one issue with this cleanser though – it’s a bit too gentle for my skin, which is on the oily side. I think it would be absolutely perfect for dryer or maybe slightly older skin, but for skin like mine I am better off with something that works a bit harder.

Although I probably wouldn’t rebuy this for myself, I’d definitely recommend it for anyone with the appropriate skin type. In fact, Ole Henriksen do say that it is anti-aging, and I can see how it would be perfect for older skin. And if you fancy giving it a try, look out for it on feelunique.com or lookfantastic.com for a better price.

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