Learning a New Skill: Brush Calligraphy

It’s always nice to learn a new skill, and it was my casual New Year’s resolution to myself to give calligraphy a go this year. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a while – I’d just love to be able to write and frame beautiful quotes, and create my own pretty gift tags, cards and invitations. So when I heard about the Saturday workshops run by Artsynibs in a coffee shop in Manchester’s Northern Quarter I decided to sign up.

brush calligraphy workshop

I chose Brush Calligraphy rather than Modern Calligraphy simply because it was the earliest available workshop, but actually I think it was a great choice for a complete beginner like myself. Joyce who ran the workshop was a great teacher and guided us through some warm ups before we started practising strokes – curves, lines, ovals and loops – and varying pressure, and finally moving onto creating letter forms. By the end of the 3 hour workshop we applied what we’d learned and wrote out a quote of our choice – and actually creating something new rather than copying was quite a test!

Beginner brush calligraphy workshop Manchester

Beginner calligraphy workshop Manchester

Beginner brush calligraphy Manchester

The workshop was a really enjoyable way to spend a Saturday, and aside from learning something new (which is always nice), I also found calligraphy to be really therapeutic. Joyce told us the key to getting great results is to slow down and breathe – so it’s actually a very relaxing thing to do. The price of the workshop included a starter set of brush pens, ink, notebook and guide sheets, which means there is no excuse not to practise and to continue developing my style, and I’m looking forward to keeping it going!

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