My New Favourite Lush Face Mask?

The time has come for a free Lush face mask! Yes I finally collected enough empty pots to exchange for a free fresh face mask in store, and I used the opportunity to try a new one – Catastrophe Cosmetic. I mentioned to the helpful shop assistant that my skin is quite sensitive and also that I’m not keen on masks that are tightening, and she recommended this one for its gentle calming properties.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Lush facemask

Catastrophe Cosmetic is a deep cleansing mask that works particularly well when your skin has a breakout. It’s all about calming and soothing the skin and reducing redness, and contains fresh vitamin-rich blueberries, calming antiseptic calamine powder and soothing chamomile and rose oils.

I used it in the same way as I use all Lush face masks – keeping it in the fridge and then applying it for 10-15 minutes before washing off with warm water – and I have to say this one may just be my favourite so far. I have found it very gentle for delicate and sensitive skin, which is great, as well as great for dealing with oily areas or breakouts. It is not tightening in any way, but because of the calamine powder it can be quite drying. If you already have dry skin (especially during winter months) then this may not be for you, but it has been great for me, and I just follow it with a healthy dose of moisturiser. The end result is fresh, glowing skin, and the best part is the scent. It doesn’t have a weird smell like quite a lot of the Lush masks – it smells exactly like parma violets!

The texture of the mask is a little clay-like and chalky, and the only issue I’ve had is that after the initial few uses the face mask in the pot became slightly drier (its all down to the calamine powder), so I just mixed in a few drops of water to make sure it was loose enough to apply properly.

But overall, this is one I will definitely rebuy!

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