Lucy Bee’s Book, Reviewed

I’ve talked about Lucy Bee coconut oil loads of times before and as you probably know, I love the stuff! So I was very pleased to receive the Lucy Bee book – Coconut Oil – Nature’s Perfect Ingredient for Christmas. It’s full of healthy recipes that use coconut oil, and I’ve tried a few out now so it’s a great time to share my thoughts on this book.

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil book

There is a nice range of recipes in the book, including breakfast ideas, smoothies, light lunches, soups and salads, main meals, sides, desserts and baked treats, as well as including a section on using coconut oil as a beauty product (which I already do). I think it covers every base, and even at first glance I found that there were plenty of dishes that caught my eye.

Here are the ones I already tried…

  • Pre-workout scrambled egg. Ok so this recipe is pretty simple, but I really enjoyed my scrambled eggs with spinach, feta and onion added, and served with avocado rather than bread. And this is just one of the savoury breakfast dishes that really appealed to me.
  • Sweet potato and chilli frittata with feta. Sweet potatoes are one of the items that feature heavily in this book, but that’s great for me because I love them. This frittata was delicious and filling, and I had it served with a rocket salad.
  • Leek and sweet potato soup. This recipe made loads of soup, which was great as I took portions of it to work during the week. It’s a nice twist on the basic leek and potato, and the addition of cannellini beans (which get blended into the soup) mades it thick and creamy.
  • Lamb and spinach korai. This has been my favourite recipe so far. It was such a delicious curry, and indistinguishable from a takeout curry apart from that it felt less “heavy”, less fatty and I didn’t feel half as bloated afterwards. I would highly recommend trying this one out!
Lucy Bee Coconut Oil book review

Next on my list to try…

  • Cauliflower pizza. I’ve heard about cauliflower pizza bases, and I’m very curious indeed…
  • Overnight chia and coconut pudding with banana. Any breakfast dish which can be called a “pudding” is worth a try in my book!
  • Seared tuna and sesame rice bowl. I love tuna steaks, and this Thai-twist recipe is one I’m keen to try.
  • Banana and strawberry ice cream. Well, it’s nearly summer innit!
  • Double chocolate peanut butter cookies. I’ve made similar cookies before so I’d like to give these a try to compare. They contain raw cacao and cacao nibs, so are a healthier version of the treat.
  • Blackberry and lemon sauce pudding. The name sounds amazing and the photograph promises great things. I just need an excuse to make it!

So overall I am loving this book! It’s nice to know that everything in it is good for me, but to be honest the recipes just look really enticing and so far everything has tasted so good that I actually forget about that aspect of it. And that’s how I like healthy eating to feel – like it’s no effort at all! I’ll can see that I’ll be using this book a lot.

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