Getting Crafty with Paperchase’s Crafting Workshops

As if Paperchase wasn’t already exciting enough (gotta to love that stationery), they have now launched a series of crafting workshops in their 3 flagship stores in Manchester, Glasgow and London. “Project Craft” focuses on 6 key crafting themes, but actually there are various different workshops to choose from within these theme areas:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Paper flowers (choice of floral crowns or wreaths)
  • Pom poms
  • Card making (choice of lino printing, die cutting or foiling)
  • Kids crafts (choice of animal masks or crowns)
  • Stationery (choice of personalised notebooks or magazine files)

Paperchase craft workshops Manchester

I’m really getting back into crafting at the moment, so it’s really exciting that the big Manchester store is one of the 3 chosen to launch Project Craft, and I went down to sample their Scrapbooking workshop. The workshop is designed for beginners (as all of them will be), and is about presenting your personal memories (photos, tickets, maps etc that you bring along from home) in a beautiful way using a scrapbook provided on the day and all sorts of crafting supplies.

scrapbooking workshop Manchester

And I really enjoyed the workshop. Even though I’m not a crafting beginner it was great to pick up tips on page layouts and embellishment techniques, and be inspired with creative ideas just from being there with the experts and other crafters, as well as having access to so many supplies. It was great to try out all the different paper cutters, stamps, printed materials, inks and embellishments that are sold in-store, because it gives you a better idea of what you like using without having to buy it first. I ended creating a few pages on the day, and have since carried on working on my scrapbook at home because I enjoyed it so much.

Paperchase scrapbooking workshop Manchester

Paperchase Manchester scrapbooking workshop


Scrapbook pages

If you love crafting and you love Paperchase products, you should definitely get along to one of their workshops. Ticket prices range from £10-£20 depending on the session and this includes all your crafting materials. You’ll have a lovely, sociable time crafting, and (hopefully) have something nice to take home at the end of it.

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