5 Great Reasons to Try Tencel Bedding

Bedtime is pretty much my favourite time of day, so if there’s one part of the home that deserves to be treated to an overhaul in the new year, it’s my bed. And for 2020 I’m trying something completely new  courtesy of Love Bedtime – a luxurious bedding set made from tencel.

Reasons to try tencel bedding

New year = new bedding.

Bed is one of my favourite places, and if you’ve never heard of the benefits of bamboo or tencel bedding (I hadn’t!), then I’m here to change your life, or at very least, your bedtime. Here are 5 great reasons why you should consider giving it a try:

1. Tencel bedding feels amazing!

I’m putting this reason right at the top because honestly, it’s the most important to me. Bedtime is sacred in my eyes and there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable mattress, flat pillows or scratchy sheets ruining things. So I cannot say this enough – my tencel bedding set feels AMAZING! It’s almost like getting into a bed of luxurious silk and, as I’ll mention below, always keeps you at the perfect temperature. I’ve been sleeping very, very well since switching, and getting into bed each night feels heavenly! I don’t personally need any other reason than this to feel converted, but it’s not the only reason to love tencel…

Tencel white bedding set

2. Tencel bedding is environmentally friendly

It’s completely natural and 100% biodegradable. And there’s other good news for the environment too – it is fast growing and needs no pesticides or fertilisers. So investing in tencel or bamboo bedding is great for the eco-conscious. And being a natural fibre also gives it some great properties too…

Love Bedtime tencel bedding

3. It regulates your body temperature

Due to its microfibre, tencel is able to keep you cool on warm nights and warm on cool nights. This is a noticeable improvement on my previous bedding! It also absorbs moisture away from the body, preventing night sweats.

4. It’s antibacterial

Bacteria does not live well in tencel, which is great news for your skin, but also means it needs changing less frequently – perfect bedding for anyone with a busy lifestyle!

Benefits of tencel bedding

5. Tencel is hypoallergenic

Finally, because it is natural, super soft and also anti static, tencel is a great fabric for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies, like me.

Close up of tencel bedding

I’m completely converted now and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go back to regular bedding.

My 6 piece tencel bedding set comes in pure snow white (always my favourite colour for bedding), and includes a duvet cover, two Oxford pillowcases, two white housewife pillowcases and a fitted sheet. Love Bedding also have some more colourful options in bamboo fabric, which has many of the same benefits as tencel.

Have you tried bamboo or tencel bedding yet? What did you think?

6 piece tencel bedding set

Disclosure: The items featured in this post were gifted. However, my opinions on tencel bedding are completely genuine

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