5 Great Reasons to Try Tencel Bedding

Bedtime is pretty much my favourite time of day, so if there’s one part of the home that deserves to be treated to an overhaul in the new year, it’s my bed. And for 2020 I’m trying something completely new  courtesy of Love Bedtime – a luxurious bedding set made from tencel. New year = … Continue reading 5 Great Reasons to Try Tencel Bedding

15 Favourites: Velvet Everything

Finally, a post dedicated to my current favourite trend – velvet! You've probably noticed that it's everywhere at the moment and you can buy any item you want in velvet. I love how it looks so luxurious and Christmassy, which makes it the perfect texture for this time of year. Not mention that it feels … Continue reading 15 Favourites: Velvet Everything

Trend Edit: Head to the Tropics

I’m not sure about you but the recent heatwave really gave me the summer feels, and now I can’t stop looking at all the tropical trend pieces that are in the shops. There’s nothing that says holiday more than fruity, floral and foresty fashion. Even if you’re UK-based this summer, it’s still great to think … Continue reading Trend Edit: Head to the Tropics

Sprucing Up the Home for Christmas, With Hassle.com

Hassle.com are an online marketplace for household services, which means that through their website or mobile app, you can easily hire and pay for a domestic cleaner for your home. I always aim to put my Christmas decorations up the first weekend of December, and I always have a really good cleaning session of our … Continue reading Sprucing Up the Home for Christmas, With Hassle.com

How to Prep Your Chalkboard for Action

This post is for chalkboard newbies like me, who have no idea that you have to “season” your brand new chalkboards before you use them. If you’re a “seasoned” chalkboard user already (see what I did there?) you’ll already know this of course, and will be like “uh of course you do, fool!” But sadly … Continue reading How to Prep Your Chalkboard for Action

New Season Home Inspiration

All the shops are well into their new season products now, and it’s the homeware that is really catching my eye! Here are the cute and quirky things I’ve been loving lately… Goose doorstop from M&SDuck egg mixing jug from LakelandSilicone biscuit stamps from Debenhams"Tea" jam jar from DebenhamsRetro alarm clock from ASDAPin-ups duvet set from ASDAGrocery … Continue reading New Season Home Inspiration

Quirky Home Wishlist

Just a little quirky home inspiration for a Sunday afternoon! My favourite is this Alice in Wonderland teapot and matching mugs - possibly the perfect tea set for a tea party - but actually, any of these cute and unusual prints would be welcome additions to our apartment! 1. Mad Hatter teapot and Alice in Wonderland mugs - from … Continue reading Quirky Home Wishlist

DIY Reed Diffuser

I love a good upcycling project. Some things are too hard to throw away because you just know that there's a great alternative use for them! This is a very simple DIY to create a reed diffuser from an empty perfume bottle. Reed diffusers are so popular at the moment - it’s the hastle free way of keeping your … Continue reading DIY Reed Diffuser