Summer Self Care Tips

The summer of 2020 won’t be remembered for amazing holidays or memorable nights out, but it could well be remembered as the slow and simple summer of self care. Times are worrying, and there has never been a greater need to look after our own wellbeing. I know I have had to be consciously kinder to myself, taking things as they come, not judging myself too harshly for gaining weight, and enjoying the time I get to spend crafting, baking, writing and reading. And despite the disappointments of cancelled trips and events and of course all of the health worries, I am definitely feeling the emotional benefits of some small acts of self care. Here are some of the little ways I am treating myself well this summer.

Summer self care tips

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Hand Pampering

After months of extra hand washing and no manicures my hands were looking a bit unloved. So I decided to give my hands a little care and attention with a gorgeous new hand cream and a DIY manicure. My nails haven’t been painted in so long, and it’s amazing how such a small act can make you feel better!

I am using a moisturising shea hand cream from The Body Shop in a zesty satsuma scent which is just perfect for summer. And to finish it all off I am accessorising with the gorgeous Sunburst Ring which was sent to me from Daisy London to review – they have the most beautiful collection of wearable women’s rings just perfect for summer hands.

Wearing jewellery and a pretty outfit when you’re not going anywhere is a really effective mood booster. And how gorgeous is the colour of this skirt from H&M?

Fresh flowers

I’m spending a lot more time in the apartment this summer, and I have found that a vase of flowers really goes a long way to freshening the place up and cheering me up too. This gorgeous letterbox bouquet from Bloom & Wild was actually a birthday gift, but it had such a positive effect on my surroundings and mood that I’ll be treating myself to some more.

Walks in the Sun

We live in an apartment with only a balcony, and without a garden to sit out in I could potentially get very fed up on sunny days. So if the weather is nice I make sure I head outside to get my vitamin D, a bit of exercise, and the general happy feelings I get from being in the sun. Sometimes we have taken a picnic and made more of an event of it (on those really hot days!) but even a leisurely solo walk is good enough to make me feel better.

Walks in the sun

Face Masks in the Bath

I am all about the leisurely baths, especially when I can have a long soak with a really good book! Even better is when I take the time to apply one of my favourite face masks from The Body Shop and maybe even a hair mask. Pampering is the best self care!

Body Shop Face Masks

Homemade Treats

I’ve had extra time on my hands which has given me an opportunity to try out some new bakes. This has been great because not only is baking is a relaxing and enjoyable activity for me, we also end up with a really delicious treat to enjoy. I’m not going to lie, getting hold of ingredients has been rather challenging at times, but it’s totally worth the effort to make something really indulgent like this Biscoff fudge recipe from Jane’s Patisserie.

Biscoff Fudge

Happy Viewing

On those days when I’ve not felt productive at all, I have been kind to myself and allowed myself time to enjoy some feel good movies. Disney+ came to the UK at just the right time and I’ve certainly had my money’s worth of Disney classics, the entire MCU catalogue and the Star Wars universe. This time last year we were watching Hamilton live in the West End, so rather than feel gloomy about how different this summer is going to be, I get to enjoy watching Hamilton on Disney+ instead! And I can highly recommend a viewing of Moana for ultimate summer vibes.

So it’s not all bad. I think I will remember this unusual summer, and I think I’ll benefit from the change of pace for a while. What small acts of self care are you taking this summer?

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