6 Stunning Contemporary Craft Kits for Adults

This year I have been getting creative with a variety of craft projects and even developing some new skills. Learning to knit has been a really nice achievement for me this year, and there’s so much satisfaction to be had from completing a creative project. If you fancy getting creative like me, but you’re a crafting beginner or want to try out a particular new craft, I’d highly recommend getting started with a craft kit. This is how I got started with knitting and cross stitching, and it was a great way to see if I’d enjoyed it before investing in all the materials, tools and patterns I’d need to go it alone. You get to choose a project and design to specifically suit your tastes and skill level, and you’ll get everything you need to complete that project. Craft kits also make a nice gift idea for someone who might want to get started with a particular hobby but doesn’t know where to begin.

Contemporary Craft Kits for Adults

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So the benefit of buying a readymade crafting kit is that you have everything you need and a final result to aim towards, all for a reasonable price, and there are loads of places to pick up craft kits suitable for adults. I’m always a fan of supporting small businesses, and actually some of the nicest contemporary craft kit designs are sold by small shops rather than larger craft superstores. Here’s a roundup of some of my current favourite kits, all of which are pieces I’d be happy to display in my home.

Macrame Rainbow Kits

DIY Blush macrame rainbow kit

This Happy Post sell these cute DIY macrame kits in different sizes and so many colour options, including a custom colour option so you can coordinate with your own decor. Plus they are packaged to fit right through your letterbox.

Retro Treat Cross Stitch Cushions

Caramel Wafer Bar Cross Stich Cushion Kit

The cross stitch and tapestry cushion cover kits from Crafteratti aren’t cheap, but at the end you’ll have the most stunning statement cushions! My favourites are the retro sweet treats, but they also have city map cushions which are gorgeous too.

Colourful Embroidery Kits

I really fancy trying my hand at embroidery, and the rainbow bright contemporary designs at The Embroidery Cart are simple but look really effective.

Rainbow Hearts embroidery kit

Monogram Tapestry Kit

This Alphabet Tapestry Kit from Hannah Bass Contemporary Tapestry is available in every letter, and the vibrant modern designs would look great in the home. I also think these would be a great gift idea!

Mini Modern Needlework Kits

Gin mini cross stitch kit

Whether you want to try out sewing, cross stitch or embroidery, The Make Arcade has lots of really affordable mini kits with plenty of fun modern designs to suit every personality.

Positive Message Embroidery Kits

Happy quote embroidery craft kit

Everyone loves a good positive message quote, and Make & Mend sell lots of kits in different shapes and sizes, all designed to spread joy with a positive message. This is one finished project that would definitely find space on my wall.

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Contemporary craft kits for adults

I hope this post inspires you to get creative or maybe even to try out an entirely new skill!

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