The Confidence Boosting List Everyone Needs to Make

I have been married for two and a half years, and one of the things I believe truly makes us happy and content in our relationship is loving each other for who we truly are, “flaws” and all. Knowing that your partner knows and loves the real you is a feeling that cannot be beaten!

Self care bedroom candle

Ad – This is a sponsored post but the writing and views are my own. 

That’s why I’d always recommend taking an honest, unfiltered approach to dating, and this is something that welovedates wants to shout about too. They believe it’s time we all get back to being real, especially when it comes to dating! But the fact is, the confidence to be our true unfiltered selves doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Even if we don’t airbrush our photos, I think we are all guilty of cherry picking the “best” ones for social media, and quickly deleting the rest (even though all the photos are equally honest representations). And even with a supportive partner by my side cheering me on, I still get plenty of my own moments of self doubt. Why is it that he can love my flaws and I can love his, but we can’t love our own?

In reality, it’s important to love yourself just as unconditionally as you love your partner. We all need to stop judging ourselves by our flaws and start appreciating ourselves instead. So I am being my own cheerleader today, enjoying some Me Time with a scented candle and a happiness journal, and sharing a list of things I actually love about myself.

Self care selfie
Happiness planner from Typo

10 Things I Love About Myself:

  1. I have a busy mind, which is always full of ideas. I am interested in lots of different things, so basically I’m never bored and (I hope) never boring!
  2. I’m creative, good at making things and quick at picking up new crafty skills.
  3. I’m tall and I love my hair, which is naturally really thick.
  4. I’m a classic ISTJ personality – quietly observant, a practical thinker and very strong willed.
  5. I look young for my age. People are always surprised when I tell them I’m in my thirties, which feels pretty good. I’m hoping I’ll always look 10 years younger than my true age!
  6. I’m a really fast reader, which has been very useful in life.
  7. I’m great at organizing things – trips, events, my life, work… everything!
  8. I’m thoughtful, and always try really hard when buying gifts.
  9. I have a dry and sometimes random sense of humour (and I love that I share that exact same sense of humour with my husband)!
  10. I’m laid back and calm about almost everything.

Writing a list like this is not easy. It feels much more natural to list our negative points, or to add a “but…” after each one to be humble. But it’s not arrogant to like ourselves! And once we start having confidence in our favourite bits, we may even start to appreciate our flaws too. More than anything else, learning to love ourselves is empowering – we should all believe in our own worth!

Happiness Journal Pages
Busy Practising Self Care Candle

So whether you’re looking for love using a free dating site, happily entangled in a relationship, or simply enjoying your own company, I’d like to encourage you to create your own self confidence boosting list, and then to radiate your extra confidence by showing off your true unfiltered self. You can even get involved with the campaign, and share your confidence with the hashtag #welovereal!

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