5 Positive Thoughts to Inspire Your Day

I was recently gifted a beautiful personalised foil notebook from Old English Co. and I just have to share some of the positive messages from this lovely gift company. Their personalised notebooks couldn’t be prettier, available in blush pink, black, white or grey with gold foil, or black with shiny black foil text (so chic!) And I just love the range of positive quotes available on the covers, so am sharing my five favourite thoughts from their range to inspire your day.

Save 15% at Old English Co. when you use the code OESPECBR15.

Positive Thoughts Notebooks

“You should just go for it”

This is the quote I chose for my own personalised notebook because it’s probably the most important reminder I need each day. I have imposter syndrome and I end up letting a lot of my boldest ideas fizzle away with thoughts of everything that could fail. So this notebook is here to remind me to just bloody go for it and have some faith in my ideas and abilities!

You Should Just Go For It notebook

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

Some days can feel unproductive or uninspiring, and on those days I like to try and do just one thing that will get me just a little closer to achieving one of my goals, even if it’s tiny! Not every step has to be a big step, and every little helps.

“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anyone but oneself”

It can be hard not comparing your life and journey to other people’s, especially when your Instagram feed is full of sparkly successful people. But there’s no rush to get through life and the only pressure to “sparkle” is coming from your inner voice – so let’s give ourselves a break!

“Know your worth. Then add tax”

This one should go without saying, but I love the quirky “then add tax” line in this quote. Remember, your time is valuable. Your skills are valuable. Your love is valuable. Don’t accept less than those things are worth. And your mental health is valuable too, so here’s a reminder not to let toxic people take advantage of you or to live rent free in your brain. Time to detox your life and set some boundaries!

“Enjoy the little things”

This quote is actually only available as a print, but its been one of my life mottos for a while so I had to feature it. I like to think of life’s small pleasures as the filling in a sandwich. They are the essence and the joy of the sandwich, and really what life is all about!

If you fancy an inspirational notebook or gift, remember you can get 15% off at Old English Co. when you use the code OESPECBR15.

What positive quotes inspire you each day?

Please do leave comments (I love it when you do!)

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