Five favourites: delicate jewellery

I’m becoming inceasingly obsessed with delicate jewellery. Think fine chains and tiny pendants. I think they’re so cute and a really refreshing change to the chunky, statement styles that are all around. I’ve got a few pieces in my jewellery box already, including a tiny silver teapot pendant and a Wizard of Oz-style ruby slipper charm on a fine chain, but here are five of my favourites that I’ve found that are currently out there.

Delicate jewellery is starting to become very popular, so I’m sure it’s going to be huge!

1. Fine cross bracelet (ASOS)

2. Club bracelet (Rock n Rose)

3. Dogeared teeny wishbone necklace (ASOS)

4.  Alex Monroe Dragonfly necklace (Harrods)

5. Martick feather pendant necklace (John Lewis)

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