Shopping Forever 21

On Saturday I enjoyed the company of some of Manchester’s bloggers on a fleeting daytrip to Forever 21’s London store. Ahead of the grand opening of the brand new Manchester store next weekend we got to tour the 3-floored London store and do a bit of shopping.

If you’re not aware of the massive US fashion chain then it’s definately worth getting exciting about this addition to the Manchester shopping scene – there is literally something to suit every taste! Where you may get a bit overwhelmed browsing their website (I certainly did – there are so many styles on there!), I found the store a much more satisfying experience and came away with quite a few items.

I have to say I was a bit like a kid in a sweet shop, with only an hour and half to take in 3 floors packed with different trends, but picked out quite a few different things for work as well as holiday/festival fashion styles, plus a cool chunky gold chain bracelet.

Also, it was great to meet some new Manchester bloggers (why not check them out:,,,,,

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