Adventures in BB Cream: Chapter 1

I’m making more of an effort to use only cruelty free cosmetics, and hopefully this will become a lot easier thanks to the EU directive banning animal testing on cosmetics and their ingredients. However, there will still be some grey areas… for example, I’m not sure yet what this means for products that are also sold into China (where animal testing is a legal requirement), so I’ll still be avoiding those brands for now (sadly this includes MAC).

However, Superdrug has become one of my new beauty heroes as their own-brand products are all completely cruelty free. And in searching for a replacement daytime foundation, I discovered their new premium skincare and makeup range, B. . I had already decided to try a BB cream in place of the foundation I’ve been using for daytime use, and this one by B. (Superdrug’s own brand) is definitely cruelty free – huzzah!Superdrug B. BB Cream

Cruelty free BB cream

The 30ml tube cost me £10.99, which is slightly more than some of the other mainstream brands on the market (but then, this is a premium range), although I’m not sure yet how far this tube will stretch. But of course I will bear in mind that it is a 2 in 1 product and replaces both a daytime foundation and day cream. Also, as this new range was being launched in store, I also got this free gift bag of miniatures with my purchase, which includes a mini version of the BB cream (excellent!), a mini lipstick, eye cream, rejuvenating serum and a pot of gold eye shimmer.

B. premium cosmetics

I can’t currently make any comparisons of this product with other BB creams, however I love using it as both daytime moisturiser and makeup and the overall look is dewy and fresh. There are a lot of positives with the product, and it creates a nice even skin tone whilst being weightless – perfect for daytime use. It does come in different shades, but sadly this is where my problem lies. I have very pale skin and as it sits with the skincare products in store and no testers are available, I just went ahead and bought the lightest shade available (“Light”). This is my first experience of BB cream and I feel that it really is is just not light enough for my skin. I feel as though I look a shade closer to orange when it is applied. And having done a bit of research online, it looks like this is a common problem with a lot of BB creams.

Superdrug BB cream B.

So although I would recommend this product to anyone with a slightly darker skin than mine, the next stage of my adventures will be to find a BB cream suited to very pale skin (that can also be classified as cruelty free!) If you have any recommendations, feel free to share them with me!

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