Lovely Things I’ve Been Buying Lately

I think this is the first time I’ve done a post like this. It’s essentially a haul post, but I really hate the word “haul”! I prefer to think of everything I buy as being special and unique (haha). Anyway, I enjoy reading other people’s haul posts as I’m a bit nosey and love seeing what people spend their money on. So in case you’re as nosey as I am, here are the lovely things I’ve been buying recently.

new necklace

The necklace was a massive impulse buy from H&M. I’ve been spring cleaning my jewellery and was quite brutal when clearing out pieces that I never wear, so when I saw this I decided to treat myself – and I know I’m going to be wearing it all the time! The Barry M Gelly nail polish was an impulse buy too, but the Daniel Sandler liquid blusher was an informed choice when I ran out of cheek tint. I love this product and you can read my review here.

Jungle Book pyjamas

How adorable are these Jungle Book Disney pyjamas?! I’m going to Disneyland Paris in May and decided to invest in a decent set of summer PJs. I felt it was essential to go with a Disney set and picked these up at Tesco for just £13.

charity shop books

I picked these two books up from a charity shop for £1 each, and am really looking forward to them both! I’m going to go for Aprons and Silver Spoons (the memoir of a 1930’s house maid) first, and will be saving the Joanne Harris one for the warm summer months.

Frozen DVD

I didn’t wait very long at all before buying Frozen on DVD. I love it, and there’s not much more to say really! More unusual is this Treasure Trail that I downloaded. It takes the form of a guided walk round St Annes and showcases all the highlights of the town and seafront, but features a set of clues to follow along the way. It’s a murder mystery theme which sounds like so much fun! I’m pretty excited to do it, and if it’s any good I might try some of the other locations too.

And finally, I’ve picked up a few items of clothing. I’ve got a new obsession with boxy tops, so picked up this MANGO black shell one (great with jeans or skirts for work), and this more casual grey tee – just £7 from Tesco. I also loved these lace trimmed denim shorts, which will be perfect for summer.

black shell top
boxy tee
lace trip denim shorts

There’s nothing too extravagant on my list, but I’m very pleased with all my latest purchases!

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