So Pretty! – Daniel Sandler Cheek Tint

These days my blusher of choice is always a cheek tint rather than a powder or even a cream blush, as I prefer a very natural-looking cheek flush. Until now I’ve been using Benefit Cha Cha Tint, but when this ran out I went in search of a cruelty-free alternative, which is when I came across the Daniel Sandler watercolour range of liquid blushers. This award-winning product comes very highly recommended by makeup artists and models in particular as it’s supposed to be very long-lasting, so I decided it was worth a try.

liquid blusher

The first thing to say is that there’s quite a confusing choice of colours. I was shopping online for this so had to go off the colour swatches (many of which looked fairly similar) and people’s comments. In the end I went with a pretty pink – So Pretty – which seemed to be a similar hue to my other shortlisted colours, but I decided Cherub could be too light and Flush too dark. So Pretty looked like the perfect balance.

pink cheek tint

This cheek tint really is like watercolour paint – it’s a very watery liquid rather than the thicker consistency that you get with the Benefit tints and it needs a shake before using to make sure the pigment is mixed well. But I actually love this product. You only need a couple of drops of it and it’s very easy to apply with fingers or a brush. And you really do get a lovely rosy glow that lasts all day.

I think So Pretty is a lovely colour for my skin tone – it’s very subtle and natural looking, but gives a pretty pink flush. I paid £14.50 for the bottle from Feel Unique, and it should last absolutely ages as I’m only using a few drops at a time (with colour that lasts all day long).

cheek tint pink

So I’ll definitely be continuing to use this watercolour blush as my new daily blusher! Who needs Benefit eh?!

5 thoughts on “So Pretty! – Daniel Sandler Cheek Tint

  1. This looks so pretty! I have heard great things about these blushes, but am yet to try them. I just wish there was a counter nearby, as I usually like to have a little look for myself – things can look so different in real life!

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