My Cruelty-Free Collection: Face

After deciding to go cruelty free with my cosmetics it took me some time to use up my existing products. But now I’ve built up quite a collection of new cruelty-free beauty products that I’m happy with, so I thought I’d share with you everything I’m currently using. This post is all about face products, starting with face creams and moisturisers and then going on to all my current favourite (cruelty-free) make-up products.


cruelty free moisturisers

B. ready day cream (from Superdrug): I reviewed this here, and even though I tried other day creams since then, I’ve now returned to this one.

Optimum super antioxidant night cream (from Superdrug): I wanted a separate night cream and this antioxidant anti-aging one is new to my collection. So far I like the thinner consistency, the grape-like scent and the promises on the packaging. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I’m hoping it works out well for me.

Balance Me wonder eye cream: Balance Me is a great beauty brand for skincare products and this brightening eye cream has been great. It’s almost empty now so I’ll need to decide whether to invest in a new one, as it’s not cheap.

Balance Me face oil: I’d never considered face oils before and wouldn’t have tried this one if it hadn’t been in a set – I’m glad I did. Putting oil on your face might seem like a crazy idea but actually it doesn’t make your skin greasy. Instead it hydrates where you really need it and has other great properties too – such as soothing, reducing redness, protecting against the elements and evening skin tone. I don’t use it daily though – just when my skin feels as though it needs a little extra something.


cruelty free face makeup

Sleek BB cream (from Superdrug): I reviewed this here, and so far it’s still the best BB cream match I’ve found for my very pale skin.

Daniel Sandler watercolour blush: I only recently reviewed this, so if you’re a regular reader you’ll know how much I love it!


Cruelty free eye makeup

I’m clearly a fan of Illamasqua when it comes to eye makeup – I love this brand and will definitely be buying more of their products!

Masquara: So far, so good with this mascara. It adds definition, volume and length to my lashes and doesn’t smudge during the course of the day.

Precision gel liner: This is a new addition to replace my old liquid liner. I was convinced by the Illamasqua team in Selfridges to give gel liner a go instead of liquid, and I’ve been applying with a straight-edge angled brush. I need a bit of practice in applying it but I like the versatility it gives and the option to create a smudged look, as well as the fact that it lasts all day without smudging.


Cruelty free brows

MUA pro brow kit (from Superdrug): See my blonde eyebrow tutorial for how I use this product.


Cruelty free lips

Lush lip colour in Believe: This is my favourite lip colour for special occasions as it’s a gorgeous colour and so pigmented. See my review here.

Ted Baker Lips Made for Kissing set: This lip collection of Chubby Stick alternatives was a Christmas gift and at the time I had no idea that Ted Baker cosmetics were cruelty free. It turns out they are (to the best of everyone’s knowledge, and these lip crayons are very pigmented and there’s a shade for any occasion.

So that’s what I’m currently using on my face. Next time I’ll share some of my bathroom shelf products.

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