My Disney Souvenirs

This will probably be my last post on my recent Disney trip, but I wanted to share my souvenirs with you. I love Disney merch but I hate having souvenirs with no purpose that just gather dust, so I just treated myself to a few cute items that will most definitely get used!

Last time I went to Disneyland Paris I bought this Mickey Mouse ice cream scoop, so this time I got myself a matching whisk. Loving the novelty kitchen utensils!


And I love how stylish this blue glass carafe is! It has the cute Disney branding of course, but otherwise this wouldn’t look out of place in a John Lewis summer homeware showroom. I’ll use it for drinks at summer gatherings, but I think it also looks cute as a vase for flowers.

disneyland paris carafe

And finally, a trip to Disney would not be complete without adding some Christmas decorations to my collection. My mum and sister bought me this gorgeous glass Minnie bauble complete with pink glitter candy stripes, which is going to look awesome on my tree, and then I couldn’t resist this cute Bambi one!

Disneyland paris christmas decorations

And that’s it for souvenirs, apart from the most important of all – a massive collection of holiday snaps!

Disneyland Paris holiday snaps
Disneyland Paris holiday snaps 2
Disneyland Paris holiday snaps 3
disneyland cinderella


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