The Making of Harry Potter

Last week I finally made it down to the Making of Harry Potter – Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Watford. I’ve been a massive Harry Potter fan ever since I read the first book many many years ago. I remember it all, from buying every new book on the day it was released, right up until the final film of the series was released and I went to the midnight showing at the cinema. The films sit really well alongside the books and really capture the magical world, so when my sister got me this gift ticket for Christmas I was really excited to see the studio where it was all filmed and the actual sets, costumes and props that were used.

warner brothers studio tour

Now I did wonder whether to post about this at all, because there are so many posts like this out there and loads of people have been on the tour now. But in the end I decided I’d have to because it’s pretty much the biggest thing I’ve done so far this month, and I’m sure Potter fans will love to see the photos whether they’ve been on the tour yet or not!

The sets…

Hogwarts Great Hall

Hogwarts pendulum

Harry Potter potions classroom

Ministry of Magic

Hogwarts bridge

Dumbledore's office

Diagon Alley


The costumes…

Harry Potter costumes

Fleur Delacour costume

Death Eater costumes

The props…

Golden snitch

Wands from Harry Potter

Beedle the Bard

The details…

Yule ball ice sculpture

Harry Potter Hogwarts letters

Ollivanders wand shop

The models and animatronics…


Harry Potter dragon


We took 4 hours to do the tour and loved being immersed in the Hogwarts world. The gift shop at the end is almost equally as exciting, and I spent ages deciding whether to buy a replica wand before I decided I couldn’t do without one (I chose Fleur Delacour’s as it was so pretty. Or should I say, it chose me!)

Fleur Delacour wand

I also have to mention how great the staff are throughout the tour. They clearly all enjoy working there and they’ve clearly been to the Disney school of customer service – they’re all so friendly and will chat to visitors and give animated demos and introductions, which all adds up to a great experience.

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