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I saw the top ten tag on Pretty Little Things and thought it was a great way of sharing my favourite makeup products. I post plenty of product reviews on here but sometimes it’s nice to summarise everything, and it’s interesting because some of these categories I have a clear winner for, but for others I struggled to think of a product that I love at all (so more searching is required!) And if I mention a product I’ve already reviewed I’ll link over to the post so you can read more.

It’s a tag, so if you’re a beauty blogger I invite you to take part with your own top ten (rather than tagging anyone specifically), and if not, feel free to leave me a comment with some of your favourites!

top ten beauty products
  1. Foundation: I rarely use foundation – I prefer something with a lighter coverage like a BB cream, and my current favourite is Sleek BB cream (Fair). It’s one of the only cruelty-free BB creams I’ve found that have a light enough shade for my English Rose pale skin, and it’s a nice consistency.
  2. Powder: I like to use Cover FX Matte Setting Powder for fixing my base and reducing overall shine, and it really does set my foundation or BB cream for the whole day.
  3. Concealer: I’m still hunting for the perfect concealer! I plan to give something from the e.l.f. range a go, but let me know if you have any recommendations.
  4. Blush: I’d choose a liquid blush every time, and my favourite so far is Daniel Sandler’s watercolour blush. It’s such a natural-looking glow and I just love it! At the moment I’m using it in So Pretty, which works well with my fair colouring but is very subtle so I’d also consider trying a darker tone.
  5. Bronzer: I don’t have a favourite bronzer as I rarely use it! I’m aware of the amazing effects that a bit of contouring can have, but I prefer to be pale skinned with a rosy cheek glow.
  6. Highlighter: I’m still using up a bottle of Benefit High Beam, but will be hunting for something cruelty-free and non-Benefit as soon as it runs out.
  7. Mascara: My Illamasqua Masquara is still serving me very well so I’ll be unlikely to switch products when it runs out. It adds definition, volume and length to my lashes and doesn’t smudge during the course of the day.
  8. Eye Shadow: Although I like some of my eye shadow palettes, I’m not really an eye shadow girl. I’m much more into eye liner and using it to create cat-eye flicks or a smudgy smokey look, and for this I love Illamasqua’s gel liner applied with an angle brush. It’s great and once it dries it doesn’t budge!
  9. Brows: Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in Motto is my absolute favourite makeup product from this entire list. It’s an eyebrow revolution for me!
  10. Lip Product: It’s hard to pick an ultimate favourite, but it’s a toss-up between my two vivid lip colours – old trusty Lush Emotional Brilliance in Believe, or the new kid on the block – M&S Limited Collection Matte Lipstick in Tomato.

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