Ten Things I Love About Christmas

I love Christmas and pretty much everything about it, but I still felt that a top ten list of my favourite things about Christmas would be an absolutely essential cheesy blog post!

Christmas jumper outfit

Photographs taken by Andrew Wood Photography

1. Christmas songs and how they make me feel. Each Christmas song brings back loads of Christmas memories and makes me feel warm and tingly inside, from Rockin around the Christmas Tree (Home Alone anyone?) and All I Want for Christmas to Oh, Holy Night. I love the familiarity of hearing the same songs year after year!

2. Making plans with family and friends. Christmas is for sharing with people and from 1st December onwards my diary is jam-packed with fun festive times with the people in my life. It’s the best and most social month of the year!

3. Shopping for gifts and wrapping them. I love buying presents so much! I’ve already pretty much done all my Christmas shopping because once October comes I cannot wait to start. And now I’m looking forward to a cozy evening in front of my Christmas tree watching Love Actually and wrapping them all as prettily and festively as I can.

4. Christmas smells. Christmas trees, cinnamon, mulled wine spices, gingerbread, satsumas… Christmas smells are guaranteed to make me giddy with excitement.

5. Decorating the tree. I love my tree and the collection of decorations I’ve gathered, and decorating my tree is an important annual event!

fairisle christmas jumper

6. Nights at the Christmas markets. The Christmas markets in Manchester are ridiculously busy pretty much all of the time, and yet Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a trip with friends, a German sausage, chocolate-dipped fruit on a stick and a mug of Gluhwein. Fingers crossed the weather stays dry for this year’s trip!

7. Christmas films. I have to watch all of my favourite Christmas DVDs every year, including White Christmas, Love Actually, The Nutcracker (a recording of the ballet), It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Elf and The Muppet Christmas Carol to name a few.

8. Sparkly clothes. Because party outfits really are party outfits at Christmas.

9. Brass bands playing Christmas carols – pure magic!

10. Chocolate for breakfast. Because on Christmas Day the rules simply don’t apply.

Christmas jumper in snow

The photos in this post were taken during my fabulous photo shoot with Andrew Wood Photography…. and you can win your own amazing personal photo shoot with them in my Christmas giveaway!

4 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love About Christmas

  1. these will definitely get me in the Christmas spirit now it’s december! Can’t wait for all the festive food and drinks 🙂

    Amie xx

  2. Number 10 is an absolute must but I agree with most of your list apart from the Christmas markets that have just gotten far too busy for my liking. I’m far too impatient to fight through that queue!

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