Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!

You may have noticed my lack of posts since Christmas Eve, and that’s because I’ve been ill for about two weeks all over Christmas and I’m only just recovering now! And although it’s never nice to feel under the weather at the most wonderful time of year, I have to say I’ve enjoyed a completely relaxing holiday from work, blogging and everything (I’ve not even been sale shopping!). I’ve watched a lot of films and Christmas TV, drunk a lot of tea and hot chocolate with slices of Christmas cake or delicious Christmas chocolates, and just enjoyed the luxury of doing nothing!

Christmas cake

Well, not nothing. I’ve also enjoyed some quality family time culminating in a New Year’s Eve games night and buffet hosted by me. Thankfully I was finally well enough to enjoy a party, and saw in the new year with prosecco, Password and family!

And for my first post of the year I thought I’d share some of the snaps I got round to taking of some of my lovely Christmas gifts, which is only for nosiness purposes (I love seeing what other bloggers received for Christmas) and not because I’m bragging at all!

edible christmas gifts

I loved the cute Santa sack from my North West Blogger Secret Santa, which was filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows! And it sits nicely with my other edible festive goodies!

My sister got me this striking Laura Ashley recipe book stand shaped like oversized cutlery, which will come in handy when I’m baking, and I love that my parents got me one of the Matalan alphabet charity scarves! It’s so cute!

pretty christmas gifts

I can’t wait to use this restaurant voucher for the lovely Nutters (see my review from my previous visit here), and this lovely jewellery set is a great choice by Craig.

jewellery gifts

Here’s where the geeky side of me comes out!…


Thanks to my amazing Secret Santas who clearly know me very well!

secret santa gifts
kinkade disney calendar

And something tells me I’ll be making cake pops this year!…

cake pop equipment

I hope you all had the most amazing Christmas and are now all set for a great 2015!

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