Cruelty Free Designer Perfume Dupes

I first stumbled upon Copycat Fragrances when I asked a colleague what her perfume was – she wore it every day and I always noticed and liked it. She said it was Baccarat Rouge 540 – but not the real Baccarat Rouge 540, the dupe from Copycat Fragrances. A bit of research later and I discovered that Copycat Fragrances sell high quality perfumes that are made using 90% of the same ingredients as their designer counterparts, so they are virtually identical to designer perfumes but at a fraction of the price.

Baccarate Rouge 540 perfume dupe

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Baccarat Rouge 540 costs a whopping £200 for 70ml compared to £49.95 for the largest 100ml bottle of Copycat 540. Not only that, but Copycat Fragrances are cruelty free, so I decided to treat myself to a bottle, and haven’t regretted it! Unlike a lot of cheaper high street fragrances, these are high quality Eau de Parfum which last all day long (I can confirm this is definitely true of 540!)

The real test for me though was their Creed Aventus dupe. My husband loves this scent, but it costs around £185 for a 50ml bottle, and he goes through the stuff at an incredible rate! In an effort to find cheaper fragrances similar to Creed Aventus he’d already tried Vibrant Leather from Zara, which is definitely a very similar scent but with one huge problem – it has no staying power at all! So he decided to give Copycat Executive a go and immediately loved it! He said it was much much better than the Zara dupe, because as well as having a strong similarity to Creed Aventus, it also lasted all day. And personally I can’t distinguish between Executive and Aventus at all, so for £39.95 for 50ml (less than a quarter of the price for the same sized bottle), Copycat Executive is a winner!

Fragrances like Creed Aventus

Of course the branding and packaging isn’t beautiful or sexy, and this might deter you from purchasing these fragrances as a gift for someone you want to impress. But personally I think £200 is way too much money to spend on a perfume, and if my favourite scent is available for a much cheaper price tag (and is cruelty free at the same time), I’m not arguing!

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