10 Adorable Toy Knitting Patterns

I absolutely love knitting toys! There’s just something about a character or object made from wool that makes it so much more adorable than any other material. Knitted toys make the perfect gift for baby showers and birthdays (for adults as well as kids!) and it’s so rewarding watching someone enjoy something you made for them. Here are the cutest knitting patterns for toys I’ve found online, some of which are free, and many of which I’ve already made myself! I only started knitting earlier this year, so they’re all suitable for fairly new knitters. All of them involve increases and decreases, and there’s a mixture here of patterns knitted flat (with lots of stitching together) and patterns knitted in the round (you’ll need double pointed or circular needles for those).

Toy Knitting Patterns

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Cute Bunny Knitting Pattern

Bunny Knitting Pattern

There are lots of online knitting patterns for rabbits and bunnies, but Little Cotton Rabbits has created the cutest overall design with all sorts of face variations and lots of different clothing additions. The pattern itself is very detailed and really guides you through every step, so it’s great for a new knitter. I found it so easy to make a picture perfect pastel yellow bunny from this pattern!

Toy Story Alien Knitting Pattern

Toy Story Alien Knitting Pattern

I wanted to knit a really cute Toy Story Alien that looked just like the characters from the films but I couldn’t find a pattern I liked, so I designed this one myself! The cuddly Little Green Man from Pizza Planet will make the perfect gift for a Toy Story fan, and you can purchase the pattern here.

Ice Cream Cone Knitting Pattern

Ice Cream Cone Knitted Toys

This knitting pattern is actually for an ice cream cone baby rattle, but I chose to leave out the rattle filling and make a full set of ice creams for my nephew to play ice cream shops. They’re so adorable! This scoop cone is made in the round and is small enough for a child’s hands.

Baby Yoda Free Knitting Pattern

Baby Yoda Free Knitting Pattern

The cutest knitting pattern in the galaxy, this is. This free pattern is my favourite Baby Yoda knitting pattern online – the ears are just perfect! It’s a very simple pattern suitable for beginners, and I really enjoyed making him.

Afternoon Tea Set Knitting Pattern

Kids will love playing afternoon tea with this cute little tea set! The pattern includes a teapot, cups, saucers, plates and cupcakes. Each piece is knitted flat, and it’s great that you can make as many items as you like! I even added some extra cake designs to mine for variety.

Free Dinosaur Knitting Pattern

Free Dinosaur Knitting Pattern

This is a free pattern for a pair of cuddly dinosaurs. Kids will love these because kids just love dinosaurs! It’s a fairly simple pattern, knitted flat.

Pirate Captain Octopus Knitting Pattern

This is another great free pattern, which makes a really cute cuddly character to play with. Definitely the cutest pirate on the seas! This toy is mostly knitted in the round and is 28cm tall when finished. Get the free pattern here.

Toy Robot Knitting Pattern

Knitted Robot Toys

These cuddly robots are just adorable and I can’t wait to make them! They’re just 13cm high and knitted flat. Download this robot toy pattern here.

Knitted Fawn Pattern

This pretty little fawn has the cutest face and would make a lovely gift for a child! It’s 23cm tall and is knitted in the round. Get the pattern here.

Free Elephant Knitting Pattern

And finally, this adorable elephant pattern is completely free to download, and would look cute in any colour. I think I might make a pastel version!

10 Adorable Toy Knitting Patterns

Have you tried knitting toys? I find it so rewarding!

3 thoughts on “10 Adorable Toy Knitting Patterns

  1. Thank you for your post!😀🙏
    I totally understand about making these. They take on their own personality as the knitted pieces are sewn and stuffed!😆💖

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