Top Ten Tag: Beauty

I saw the top ten tag on Pretty Little Things and thought it was a great way of sharing my favourite makeup products. I post plenty of product reviews on here but sometimes it’s nice to summarise everything, and it’s interesting because some of these categories I have a clear winner for, but for others … Continue reading Top Ten Tag: Beauty

Summer Perfume Shopping: Zara White EDT

I’ve never been someone who buys or owns a lot of perfume and usually just have a couple of bottles on the go which last me ages. Recently though I found myself without a daytime summer scent, so when I was shopping in Barcelona and saw the fragrance collection in Zara I decided to buy … Continue reading Summer Perfume Shopping: Zara White EDT

Soap and Glory ORANGEASM

These products from the new ORANGEASM range by Soap and Glory were a birthday present, and I was quite excited to try out this zesty new scent. Soap and Glory are a cruelty free brand and love them for always having appealing packaging and quirky product names – this range is no exception. ORANGEASM body … Continue reading Soap and Glory ORANGEASM

My Cruelty-Free Collection: Face

After deciding to go cruelty free with my cosmetics it took me some time to use up my existing products. But now I've built up quite a collection of new cruelty-free beauty products that I'm happy with, so I thought I'd share with you everything I'm currently using. This post is all about face products, starting with face creams and … Continue reading My Cruelty-Free Collection: Face

Beauty Essential: Lucy Bee’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Oh my word I’m so pleased that this product is now in my life! The power of Lucy Bee’s organic coconut oil as a natural beauty product was mentioned in a #cfbloggers chat a few weeks back (chats on Thursdays at 9pm), and I think I struggled to wait even a day to buy it. … Continue reading Beauty Essential: Lucy Bee’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil