6 Inventive Halloween Costumes Using Items You Already Own

If you’re anything like me you want to embrace the spirit of Halloween without spending too much money. It’s only one day after all, and not even in the same league as Christmas! So you want to be a little thrifty but you don’t want to turn up to a Halloween party dressed as a … Continue reading 6 Inventive Halloween Costumes Using Items You Already Own

Guest Blog: 2 Nail Art Tutorials

Today I’m hosting my first ever guest blogger! I’d like to welcome Helen from AboutANail.blogspot.com, whose blog is full of her amazing nail art projects and today she’s sharing a couple of these with you. She's got plenty of great tips, so I hope you enjoy! Hi, I'm Helen from AboutANail.blogspot.com. My blog mainly focuses … Continue reading Guest Blog: 2 Nail Art Tutorials

DIY Wired Fabric Hair Wraps

I’ve wanted to make one of these pretty hair bows for ages. Wired fabric hair wraps are popping up all over the place and they’re so cute for adding a pretty vintage finishing touch to everyday top knots. The wire element is great for keeping the ends of your bows sticking up in that cute vintage … Continue reading DIY Wired Fabric Hair Wraps

DIY Reed Diffuser

I love a good upcycling project. Some things are too hard to throw away because you just know that there's a great alternative use for them! This is a very simple DIY to create a reed diffuser from an empty perfume bottle. Reed diffusers are so popular at the moment - it’s the hastle free way of keeping your … Continue reading DIY Reed Diffuser

Homemade Christmas: Candy Cane Body Scrub

Today's festive DIY is a cute peppermint candy cane body scrub. It's very easy to do, and could be used as a unique gift idea or for yourself for festive feelings! Not only does it look cute and Christmassy, it's also peppermint-scented! What you'll need: An empty jar or cute containerWhite sugar - enough to fill the jarCarrier … Continue reading Homemade Christmas: Candy Cane Body Scrub

Homemade Christmas: Gingerbread Decorations

Nothing says Christmas like the smell of gingerbread. Here’s a nice little crafty project to create non-edible decorations that look and smell of gingerbread. These ornaments are made of cinnamon dough, so they’re hard, non-edible and will hopefully last - and they’ll make a cute addition to my Christmas tree this year! What you’ll need: … Continue reading Homemade Christmas: Gingerbread Decorations

Homemade Christmas: Festive Gift Jars

As well as festive Fridays I also wanted to do a series of posts devoted to the joy of hand-making items for Christmas. I always love adding my personal touch to Christmas, whether it’s homemade decorations, DIY gifts, creative gift wrap or home-baked festive food, so this series is all about that. I hope you … Continue reading Homemade Christmas: Festive Gift Jars

Craft-themed Hen Party Weekend

This weekend I drove over to Lincoln to join one of my oldest friends marking the end of singledom with her crafty-themed hen party event. The afternoon was spent at in her bridesmaid’s home – eating a lovely buffet of breads and accompaniments, drinking prosecco and wine, feasting on an array of home-made cakes, playing … Continue reading Craft-themed Hen Party Weekend

Washi Tape Upcycling Inspiration

Oh washi tape – where have you been all my life? That’s right - I’ve only just embraced the power of washi tape to transform an object into something pretty in an instant. So far my makeover and upcycling experiments have mainly transformed jam jars into attractive storage jars, candle holders and vases, added a bit … Continue reading Washi Tape Upcycling Inspiration

DIY Lace Insert Denim Shorts

I love the lace insert denim cut-offs that are everywhere in the shops at the moment. The lace details are so pretty and cute! And I decided it would be so easy (and much cheaper) to make my own pair from a pair of jeans I don't really wear. Actually I think this style looks best with … Continue reading DIY Lace Insert Denim Shorts